LED Linear Grow Light

Short Description:

1.High Efficacy: Choose LEDs from the world's top brands as light sources,representative brands include Samsung LM301B LM301H, Osram, Seoul, Philips, Lumileds; and only TOP BIN LEDs among of them are selected
*LEDs Luminous Efficacy up to: 250Lm/W
* LEDs photosynthetic Efficacy up to: 3.4umol/J
*The Luminous Efficacy of Lighting fixture up to: 190Lm/W
*The photosynthetic Efficacy of Lighting fixture up to: 2.9umol/J (system)
2.Professional thermal management design: 8 years of industrial lighting thermal management experience, creating excellent natural heat exchange channels, automatically deploying heat release, obtaining extremely low temperature rise effects, and ensuring that LEDs have no light decay
3.Real full-spectrum design:With mixed LEDs of different CCT,the synthesized spectrum is very close to sunlight,then effectively improving the photosynthetic response speed of plants and meeting different stages of plant growth
4.Professional design concept:The lights for outdoor shed(greenhouse) and indoor planting are designed seperately.
*Slender, shadow-free design is for outdoor shed(greenhouse),which can fully absorb sunlight at daytime and use artificial light source at night
5.Security assurance:With IP66 and Class 2 driver,lights can be used in dry, humid and watery environments
6.Appearance:Golden division ratio's size;Excellent color matching;Stylish simplicity with high fine process

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